What do we see on the risk map?

Companies that work with hazardous substances are shown on the risk map. This category includes companies that are not shown in a separate category.
The category "Miscellaneous" may also include companies if, in the case of accidents, there is a risk of injuries and/or deaths outside the site limits. The final responsible party for the environmental permit (usually the municipality) must indicate the situations for which that applies.

What is the risk?

The risks for these companies are the same as those for other high-risk companies that work with explosive, toxic or flammable substances. The risk occurs if something goes wrong with those hazardous substances. Depending on the type of substance, there may be a threat to the health of someone coming into contact with the substance or a fire or explosion may occur.

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What can you do yourself?

  • do not go to the accident location;
  • call 1-1-2 if this has not yet been done;
  • ensure that you are at least 500 metres from the scene of the accident;
  • ensure that you walk at right angles to the wind (see the drawing below), away from the accident;
  • you can shelter at a distance of 500 metres;
  • follow the instructions of the emergency services (police, fire brigade, ambulance);
  • do not return to the place of the accident until you have received the ‘safe’ signal.

What safety measures are there?

The government imposes strict safety requirements on these companies and checks compliance regularly.