What risks are there?

You can see whether there is an increased risk in your area of, for instance, an aviation accident, natural fires or floods and you receive advice about what you must do in such a case.

Accident on water

Vessels may have to deal with fires, explosions and collisions; they may run aground, sink or capsize. These events may occur at sea or on inland waterways.

Accidents involving dangerous substances

Accidents involving hazardous substances are large-scale accidents on industrial sites. The risk may affect a large or small area within the surroundings. Companies posing a risk to a very small area are not indicated on the risk map.

Aviation accident

A risk is posed by an aircraft or helicopter crashing. This could occur in a built-up area or in an ‘outer area’.


Areas where there are possible earthquake risks are indicated on the risk map by a line (fault lines) or surface (cavern or Mercalli zone).


Large parts of the Netherlands are protected from water by flood defences (dykes, dunes and engineering structures).

Natural fires

A natural fire is a fire in a forest, moorland or dune area. In the Netherlands forest and moorland fires occur more frequently than dune fires.

Nuclear accident

Many companies in the Netherlands use radioactive material. The risk map is confined to nuclear power stations, research reactors and several companies that use highly radioactive material